Since 2017 the council of representatives and the study programme committees are the legally settled formal participation bodies.

The rules regarding the council of representatives are established in the Participation Regulations. The University of the Arts The Hague (HdK) has two faculty councils of representatives, one for the Royal Academy of Art (DMR-KABK) and one for the Royal Conservatoire (DMR-KC). The councils comprise representatives of staff and students. The CMR - Council of Representatives HdK - is chosen from the two councils and supplemented by one representative each from the interfaculty ArtScience and the interfaculty School for Young Talent.

The regulations serve as a framework for communications between the Executive Board and the CMR and between the faculty directors and the faculty councils.

Participation Regulations

Bye-laws participation

Faculty Council of Representatives KABK

Steef Eman, TS
Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, TS
Beleke den Hartog, NTS
Simcha van Helden, NTS
Marcos Kueh Sheng Pang (chair), student
Vy Thuy Dang (vice-chair), student
Robin Wielink (secretary), student
Nabila Ayu Aviani, student

Faculty Council of Representatives KC

Renee Jonker, TS
Anka Koziel, TS
Ruth Fraser (chair), NTS
Ilze van der Vlist - de Ridder (vice-chair), NTS
Mar Pino Charlez (secretary), student
Julien Palluel, student
Alba Garcia Rivera, student
Ron Veprik, student

CMR - Council of Representatives HdK

Steef Eman (vice-chair), KABK
Anka Koziel, KC
Beleke den Hartog (chair), KABK
Ilze van der Vlist - de Ridder, KC
Marcos Kueh Sheng Pang, chair DMR-KABK
Nabila Ayu Aviani, KABK
Alba Garcia Rivera, KC
Ron Veprik, KC
Piet Verkleij, ArtScience (student)
Kolja Meeuwsen (secretary), School for Young Talent (NTS)
Ruth Fraser, chair DMR-KC (listener)

NTS = non-teaching staff
TS = teaching staff

The committee’s remit is to advise on the promotion and safeguarding of the quality of the programme. The Act states that the study programme committee has the following tasks:

  • to issue advice on the Education and Examination Regulations and to consent to the parts of the Education and Examination Regulations regarding which the faculty council has no right to consent, before the faculty director finalizes the regulations;
  • to make an annual assessment of the application of the Education and Examination Regulations;
  • to provide solicited and unsolicited advice about all other matters pertaining to the education.

Statutes of the study programme committees

Study Programme Committee KABK
Lisa Walcott, secretary

Weronika Uyar, student (acting chair)
Esther van der Heijden, student
vacancy, student
Martijn Verhoeven, teacher
Anne Hoogewoning, teacher
Gerrit Uittenbogaard, teacher

Open Office Hours 2020-2021
Location: Gipsenzaal (or online)

Mon. 14 December, 17:30 – 18:30
Mon. 25 January, 17:30 – 18:30
Mon. 8 March, 17:30 – 18:30
Mon. 12 April, 17.30 – 18.30
Mon. 10 May, 17.30 – 18.30
Mon. 31 May (incl. DMR), 17.30 – 18.30

Study Programme Committee KC
Mirjam van den Broek, secretary

Felix Schlarmann, student
Marjolein Niels, manager education
Sander van Dorst, student
Joris van Deventer, student
Justin Bennett, teacher
Anne Ofman, teacher
Julia Stegeman, teacher
Ward Spanjers, teacher