The Code of Conduct and the Code of Integrity on Standards of Behaviour lay down the basic principles of how staff and students should behave towards each other and their surroundings; in other words, what is regarded as desirable behaviour. The Codes also offer scope for challenging persons whose behaviour can be considered reprehensible.

Code of Conduct

Conduct of Integrity

From 2016 onward for all employees of the University of the Arts an up-to-date Certificate of Good Conduct is required (in Dutch: Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag - VOG). This is part of the University of the Arts’ policy to provide a safe work and learning environment for pupils, students, teachers and staff.

A Certificate of Good Conduct makes it clear whether any conduct in an employee’s past constitutes an obstacle to carrying out a particular job. The screening authority Justis of the Ministry of Security and Justice issues a certificate if the applicant has not committed a criminal offence that can be connected with his or her job in the past four years.