Complaints of Inappropriate Behaviour

In addition to the Code of Integrity, the Procedure for dealing with complaints of inappropriate behaviour and the Protocol for the confidential adviser are part of the policy to guarantee a safe climate to work and study in at the University of the Arts.

Complaints Procedure (for dealing with complaints of inappropriate behaviour)

Submit a complaint via one of the digital complaints desks:;;
Check the rules that apply beforehand.

The members of the Inappropriate Behaviour Complaints Committee are:

  • mr. Sabine van Staden, independent chairperson
  • Suzanne Konings, head of Music Theory, Royal Conservatoire
  • Taco Stolk, head of Interfaculty ArtScience

Substitute members:

  • Julia Stegeman, teacher, Education department, Royal Conservatoire
  • Ingrid Grünwald, coordinator Graphic Design BA and Non Linear Narrative MA KABK