Protocol for Confidential Counsellor

The confidential counsellor is the first person for students or staff to go to with personal, work or study-related problems, or if they feel unsafe or have complaints about transgressive behaviour. The confidential counsellor offers a listening ear, asks question to clarify the problem, can offer guidance or advice, may refer you on to others and in the event of a complaint can discuss with you the best way of dealing with this.

In the context of optimal social safety, both students and staff members can choose with whom they want to talk. The external mediator, Francis van Hekelen, is not connected to the HdK; the other mediators also fulfil another role within the KABK or the KC.

The confidential counsellors of the University of the Arts are:

The confidential counsellor of the School for Young Talent are:

Protocol for the Confidential Counsellor